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    Soothing the Stress in Real Estate

    People move for a lot of reasons. Their house is too small—or too large, the kids have moved away—or there are new kids, they can’t afford it anymore—or they can afford better, they got a new job—or lost one, and so on. But no matter what a person’s reason is for moving, it almost certainly […]

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    Buying or selling a home or choosing to invest in real estate is one of the most important transactions you will ever make.

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    4 Ways to Profit from Real Estate Investing

    1. Cashflow – Each month after the mortgage, taxes and other expenses are covered, you have additional dollars which can be used to pay down your home’s mortgage or cover additional personal expenses 2. Appreciation – Over time your property will increase in value.  It is best to hold an investment property for 20+ years. […]

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